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Positive Pay

First Federal’s Check and ACH Positive Pay is a fraud mitigation tool that helps prevent check and ACH fraud and is available on all business checking accounts. Once Positive Pay is enabled on your checking account(s) you will simply upload your check register directly from your PC into our safe and secure online banking module.

  • Positive Pay also includes verification of Bill Pay items as well as checks presented at any of our branches for payment.
  • Check may be entered individually into Positive Pay.
  • Each time a check is processed for payment Positive Pay will automatically  compare the dollar amount and check number to the check register file, as well as the issue date to ensure a match before it posts to your account.
  • If the checks presented do not match, we will notify you of the exception items and you can decide to pay or return.
  • Debits to your account via ACH will be presented to you to determine payment or return as fraudulent.
  • All exception items without a decision will be returned once the daily cut-off time of 11am is reached, this aids in protecting you from fraudulent items posting to your account.