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    If you have not ordered checks before, please call us at 330-364-7777 and we will be glad to assist you!

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  • NOTE: If this is an HSA order you will need to pick the checks up in person and pay for your order at the that time as we are unable to deduct the cost from your account due to rules governing the use of HSA funds.

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  • For your protection and security, if you have selected "Please mail my checks" your checks will be mailed to the address on file in our system. An additional shipping fee of $7.00 applies, except where noted below.

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  • Wallet Checks include 150 checks
    Duplicate Checks include 150 checks
    Intro Packs include 50 single checks or 25 duplicate checks


    Marble Wallet (All Colors) - $22.00
    Marble Duplicate (All Colors)- $25.00
    School Logo Wallet (All Logos)-$23.00
    School Logo Duplicate (All Logos)-$26.00
    Intro Pack Single - $15.00/box (pick-up), $20.00/box (delivery)
    Intro Pack Double - $15.00/box (pick-up), $20.00/box (delivery)

    **Customers over 65 - Any Style Free - Limited to one set per order
    **6.75% TAX INCLUDED

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