Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Stocks and savings have their pros and cons. Bigger gains come with higher risk, but the sure thing takes time to yield real results. Get the best of both worlds, plus enhanced accessibility, with a First Federal certificate of deposit. 

Our CDs offer a fixed interest rate for a set term of your choice, so you know exactly when your payday will arrive. But you don’t have to wait to reap your rewards. Withdraw interest earnings whenever you want, free of penalties. Increase income the easy way — lock in your rate today.

  • Fixed rates, higher than regular savings
  • Receive higher rates by selecting a longer term
  • Provides more guarantee than other risky investments
  • Set aside for future savings goals
  • A wide range of terms available (from 3 months to 5 years)
  • No setup or maintenance fees
  • Interest earnings can be withdrawn without penalty
  • Interest compounds monthly or available as automatic payment*
  • $500 minimum deposit to open

*You can elect to have interest paid monthly. A $5,000 minimum balance is required to receive a monthly ACH transfer of the interest.